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One on one classes are a great option.

One on one class

Your Get Started session will be a one on one class. The instructor will listen to your goals, get you moving and start a Pilates programme that is tailored to your specific needs. Together you will choose the best option for you to either continue with individual classes or move into a small group class. A one on one is a great way to improve your body awareness with individual expert tuition from your instructor.

Studio Class

Once you have some experience with Pilates exercise and an understanding of how the equipment works you may like to join a studio class. You follow your own programme and  work at your own individual pace. You are supervised by an instructor who will help you fine tune your technique and keep you challenged with the huge variety of exercises. There are  3 to 5 people in the class.

Reformer Classes

These classes are on the Allegro Reformer. The reformer class is a choreographed Pilates workout with all people in the class following the teachers instruction at the same time.
It is like doing a mat class on the reformer which provides resistance and stability work in a huge variety of positions. Classes are designed to help develop core control, strength, flexibility, alignment, co-ordination and balance.


If you are covered by ACC it is necessary to book individual sessions with one of the physiotherapists and bring all the necessary ACC information to your initial consultation.

Please bring a small towel and wear comfortable clothing and socks. Please avoid wearing heavy perfume and moisturizer to your workout sessions on the equipment.