Benedikte Onarheim-Smith

Pilates Instructor
Benedikte Onarheim-Smith is from Norway. She is married to a Kiwi and has been in the country since April 2015.
She has danced all her life and received a BA in Modern/Contemporary Dance from Norway’s elite Art Academy in 2009.  This is a comprehensive programme with training/assessment provided by the Norwegian Institute of Sports.
Since graduating she has worked as a freelance dancer, choreographer and producer of her own shows and as a Pilates Instructor. Benedikte is a certified Pilates instructor through the Pilates Room, Oslo, (STOTT Pilates).  Prior to coming to New Zealand, she worked for different studios in the Oslo region. She also worked at a rehabilitation centre helping injured people of all ages to enhance their recovery through Pilates. She was also teaching Prenatal Pilates for all trimesters at this centre. She taught office workers Pilates together with other types of movement classes like Step-classes with a dance twist. She was hired by the largest fitness chain of Norway to do this.
Benedikte has a wealth of knowledge from different training regimes and movement strategies. Her Pilates classes have a focus on the use of the breath as the engine for exercise. Benedikte is thorough in her approach and has an emphasis on the quality of movement. She is excited about moving in a natural biodynamic way that is healthy for the body.  She constantly updates herself by applying current research into her movement practice. She is very inspired by the Axis Syllabus.
When Benedikte isn’t moving or training, she might be enjoying a great glass of wine with friends as she has a love of wine having also worked in the Wine Industry.

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Phone: 09 302 0709