Lucy Harper

Pilates Instructor

Lucy is a keen horse rider despite a fall ten years ago which left her experiencing regular back pain and migraines. Lucy was introduced to Pilates and found that it helped her so much that she decided to train as an instructor. She loves the flexibility, strength and fluid movement that pilates has enabled her to achieve. Lucy finds the connection of the mind and body makes it a healthy approach to exercise and rehabilitation. As a rider she has also noticed the positive influence that Pilates has on her relationship with her horse.

Lucy started working at the physio pilates studio in 2008 while completing her Polestar Pilates training. In 2012 Lucy decided to widen and deepen her knowledge and participate in the Stott Pilates training course. She chose New York for an intensive training course and Lucy worked with many of the Stott Master Trainers. She found the experience invaluable for her own pilates practice and her lucky clients!

Lucy loves that Pilates attracts people for so many different reasons and that each individual can gain something completely different and unique from their session. Her favorite thing about being an instructor is knowing that she can share the positive changes it has made to her lifestyle.

Contact Details


Phone: 09 302 0709