Physiotherapy is a health profession devoted to movement. We are active people and understand that you want to be active too.

At the Physio Pilates Studio we will introduce you to the concepts and exercises of the Pilates Method which have been proven to help people improve flexibility, build strength and maintain a healthy body and focused mind. We are experts at injury rehabilitation and will work to ensure you make the best possible recovery. We will use all the tools of our training to keep you active and doing what you want to do whether it be sports, arts or the full enjoyment of life itself!

Physiotherapists are university trained, professionally registered and must complete ongoing education as part of their license to practice. For this reason you can be sure of safe effective treatment and up to date advice. If you have any questions about whether physiotherapy is the right approach for you we would be happy to talk just contact us.

What to Expect

Your first physio session will normally be for an hour. Our physio’s have a holistic approach and will thoroughly assess you. Your treatment may include manual therapy, acupuncture, exercise coaching, exercises on Pilates equipment and home exercises. You and your physio will decide what the best options are for you to get the best possible recovery. We also have an extensive referral network if you need other help.

What to Bring

If you are covered by ACC it is necessary to book individual sessions with one of the physiotherapists and bring all the necessary ACC information to your initial consultation.

Book an ACC Physio Session

Book a Non-ACC Physio Session


Your physio will complete a thorough assessment to fully understand what is going on with your body. We will take a history to get the background from your perspective of any injuries or issues and ask about your general health. This is important for determining an injury diagnosis and also to exclude any conditions that may require urgent action or specialist care. Your physio will also check your posture and functional movements and assess the state of your muscles, nerves and joints in order to confirm a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Often poor habits or movement patterns  may be affecting your physical health and fitness or may be in the background waiting to cause trouble.

If you are injury free and fitness is your reason for coming in then we may put you through a fundamental movement screen to identify any issues which may cause problems with your exercise programmes and help guide appropriate exercise selection. Your initial assessment is also a time to determine what is most important and best for you..

Online Service

Accessing physiotherapy services online is a great way for you to have your injury and/or non optimal movement strategy assessed. Our experienced physiotherapists are familiar with using online tools and movement analysis software to assess you and will work with you to develop a treatment plan and rehabilitation programme to help you achieve your goals.

Physio Coach

One of the most important things your physiotherapist can do for you is to be your coach. Not your sports coach or life coach but a coach for the way you use your body. Think of them as your physical health coach. They are always thinking of your biomechanics and state of tissue health and can counsel you on better postural or movement habits and advise you through the steps to recovery from injury or surgery or just help to keep you going when gravity is getting you down.


An important part of our approach is the use of exercises to help you rehabilitate from injury or even better to prevent injury from happening. Our approach to physiotherapy lies in the belief that keeping your body flexible and strong can help you to overcome chronic postural aches and pains and can give you the safety net of a supple and powerful body to use when the need arises.

Health Care Team Player

Your physio is part of your support network. If you wish we will liaise with other health or fitness professionals you see and make sure that our therapy is staged for maximum effect when combined with the work of other treatment providers. We have great networks with doctors, sports physicians and orthopaedic surgeons so if we need the extra help that these specialists provide it is there for you to access.


After centuries of empirical use in the East modern acupuncture has built up a solid base of scientific research to support its use for pain relief and muscle tightness. Your physio may offer you this option if they think it will help you to progress through your rehabilitation.