Physio Session

Your first physio session will normally be for an hour.

Our physio’s have a holistic approach and will thoroughly assess you.
Your treatment may include manual therapy, acupuncture, exercise coaching, exercises on Pilates equipment and home exercises.
You and your physio will decide what the best options are for you to get the best possible recovery.
We also have an extensive referral network if you need other help.

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Pilates Session

Your first session is an hour with an instructor who will listen to you to understand your goals and see how Pilates can help you.

You will be introduced to concepts of Pilates and experience how some of our Pilates equipment can be used to help you strengthen your core and feel more balanced.

A private session is a great way to experience the true essence of Pilates, focus on your body and how you move. It is also a great way to de-stress, workout and feel  great!  You may wish to continue with privates or move into a class when you have a bit more experience.

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